What is blogger | How to create a blog from a blogger

What is blogger | How to create a blog from a blogger

What is blogger?

What is blogger and how to create a blog

Blogger is a free platform to create a professional blog or website. It was developed by pyra lab, which is bought and controlled by Google in 2003. It is generally hosted by google and access from subdomain i.e (www.example.blogspot.com).

It can also be worked from a free or paid custom domain i.e top level domain(.com, in,.Net etc) and low level domain(.tk,.ml, etc) by using DNS facilities to direct a domain to Google servers. One single google account can also create upto 100 blogs.

The main thing before creation of any blog much and should follow google terms and conditions.

Process to create a free blog from a blogger.
1. Create a account in blogger.
2. On left top, click on down arrow.
3. Click on create a new blog.
4. Enter your blog title name.
5. Enter your domain or url address.
6. Choose a template or download and upload a suitable template.
7. Click on create blog.

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Blogger can also make money.

You can create and manage your blog by using these browsers

1. Chrome
2. Firefox
3. Safari
4. Ms edge


I can provide you guys everything about what is blogger and how to create a blog.

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