Download Basing-Chan-V10 MIUI 10 Theme

Download Basing-Chan-V10 MIUI 10 Theme

Basing chan miui theme
Basing chan miui theme designed by jack ciruas

Basing-Chan-V10 MIUI 10 Theme is Designer by Jack Ciruas

How to Install MIUI Themes on Xiaomi mobiles.

Step 1: Download the theme from given link.

Step 2: Go to Themes app.

Step 3: In theme app, you need to select the offline tab.

Step 4: Here you’ll see the, all list of offline themes that are pre-installed within your smartphone.

Step 5: Just click on Import.

Step 6: Now, select the appropriate .mtz theme file which you have saved to device storage.

Step 7: Wait for the theme install and it will be shown along with other offline themes.

Step 8: Finally select the recently install theme and tap on “Apply”. That’s it!.

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