PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Update releases Zombies Mode, stable Vikendi Map, new weapons and many more

Pubg mobile 0.10.5 update new features:-

  1. Zombie mode
  2. Laser sight gun
  3. Stable Vikendi map with night mode
  4. New weapons and many more

PUBG Mobile is to launch 0.10.5 update in a coming days with a new features like zombie mode, laser sight gun attachment, stable Vikendi map and with night mode addition, new weapons and more. Tencent Games (developers) announced that it is collaborating with the Resident Evil 2 remake team Capcom. But the company has not yet shared any official details about what exactly it is collaborating over or not.

In a youtube Mr.Ghost Gaming and Allthenewsisgoodnews, said that the PUBG Mobile zombies update could be out sooner. In a videos the PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 beta show off zombies added to the game. The Zombies mode could very well become a cooperative mode of the game like the Monsters mode which PUBG was testing in China.

Zombie mode in PUBG will include a small gathering of well-trained and strong players that go against 98 different zombies. PUBG Zombies mode is going to be unique when compared to the existing modes of the game as you can’t get or use any kind of weapons. The zombies are not allowed to use customary weaponry; rather they have quality in numbers and will solely depend upon their huge volume to dominate their enemies.

In addition to this, a new weapon called the MK 47 Mutant (replaces the scarl), a laser sight gun attachment, stable Vikendi map and many more

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