Recently Google has removed 13 malicious malware apps from it’s playstore.


Recently Google has removed 13 malicious malware apps from it’s playstore that were installing malware on the Android devices. This information is gave by ESET malware researcher Lukas Stefanko.

13 malware apps are removed from playstore

According to Lukas Stefanko tweets, there are 13 malware apps have been downloaded over 5,60,000+ times from the Play Store and they are developed by only one developer i.e Luiz O Pinto. And also he pointed out these apps are listed in playstore trending section.

He reveal that these malicious apps don’t have any legitimate functionality of their own. And also these apps ask the user to download and install an additional APK called the Game Centre. Once the downloaded APK is launched, the icons on the home screen are hide and it displays ads to the users when their Android phones are unlocked. The Game Center requests the affected user to grant permission for viewing Wi-Fi and network connections and to run at startup. He also shared some videos how these apps are working.

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The list of the malicious malware apps include games like cargo truck Simulator, Car Driving Simulator, Extreme Car Driving, and others. Most of these apps have got at least three-star rating in the Play Store.

We are recommending the users don’t give unusual permission to any others apps beware.


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