YouTube’s Autoplay feature on Home page coming to all Android, iOS Users

YouTube’s now enable Autoplay videos on Home Feature. Initially it was exclusive to premium users, but now it is coming to all mobile users as well as ios users in the coming weeks. This feature enables the users to autoplays videos on the home page without sound and with captions switched on. This feature can be disabled if the users wishes to, or keep it on only when using Wi-Fi or else mobile data. See the video below

This new feature is now rolling out for android and ios devices. User’s just check on the playstore for the update. After the update completed then user’s can access autoplay preview without audio and captions on, while scrolling the home screen.

How to disable autoplay feature :

To disable the autoplay feature, users need to go to Settings >> Autoplay >> Autoplay on Home >> and choose from Wi-Fi only- Off- Always On.

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